Dreaming the New Dream  

We know that collective visioning

on the world we want to live in IS the antidote to the global crisis we face. 

It’s been proven through scientific research that ‘dreaming’ together is a powerful method for affecting the quantum field around us, manifesting the world we desire to live in. 

What kind of world do you WANT to be living in? How do you envision a better future for all of us? What would inspire you about the future? 

This is your opportunity to have your voice + message featured in VOLUME II of Ascension of Gaia, to be released in 2022. Let yourself and your potent message be heard by people around the world, helping bring that vision to life through collective thought. 

See below for more details.  



1. Purchase Volume 1

Purchase a copy of Ascension of Gaia and dive deep into the message communicated through the sentience of our planet on the Earth’s spiritual evolution. Read through to the last chapter where you’ll find a guided process on how to begin crafting your New Earth Vision to be considered for inclusion in the next volume of Ascension of Gaia (2022 expected release date). 

2. Listen for your message 

Drop into your heart & listen to the message and vision that wants to be communicated. What would living in your most desired New Earth reality look like? Describe this vision as if it’s already existing and focus on a particular theme (New earth community, culture, relationships, eco-villages, technology, health & wellness, or relationship to the environment). 


3. Submit your vision 

Sign up for the newsletter & send in a copy of your purchase receipt (screenshot), along with your vision to the form sent in the automated newsletter form. The closing date to send in submissions is August 31st, 2021. 


& How It Works

How do you choose submissions?

All submissions will be reviewed in the fall of 2021 by the Ascension of Gaia team, and will be determined based on their theme, writing, and vividness. Those chosen to be included will be sent an email in the fall with more details. 

What does one receive if they are chosen to be included?

Selected contributors to Volume II of Ascension of Gaia will be included on the website and in the book along with their website & brief bio (in the resources section). As the editing and marketing will be handled by the AOG team & a portion of proceeds go towards various charities, there is no financial compensation for contributions. 

What are some tips to maximize the opportunity to be considered?

Please ensure that you follow the submission guidelines outlined in the form (sent via the newsletter form). Also ensure that you do adequate editing and follow conventional grammar. Writing and grammar will be considered in choosing final submissions. 

What happens if your submission isn't chosen?

As much as we would love to include all of the incredible submissions we’ve received, we can’t guarantee everyone who submits theirs will be included. However, we will be finding other ways to share the submission by sharing via our website & social media channels. There will also be special opportunities for those who submit to become part of the Ascension of Gaia Council.