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The consciousness of 


or the soul of our planet, along with that of humanity’s, is currently undergoing a major alchemical transformation unparalleled by any phenomenon in the history of our universe — a shift from mother Earth to lover Earth. Approximately every 26,000 years, the consciousness of Earth, or Gaia, undergoes a process of transformation and we have each been chosen by the greater powers of love to be present during this era of great awakening.

In Ascension of Gaia, author Phoenix Amara illuminates the spiritual, emotional, and physical changes taking place within humanity and Gaia through her 15-year spiritual odyssey, where she documents contact with Star Nations, spiritual initiations, and global pilgrimages activating ley lines. Including detailed rituals, ceremonies, and meditative practices to best support you in this era of great change, this transmission will guide you in preparing for the next wave of Galactic Consciousness and your role in Gaia’s cosmic shift.

I’m Phoenix

and maybe like you, I’ve spent a greater part of adult life searching for a deeper meaning, trying to understand my purpose for being alive. In my many spiritual moments of awakening, I was made aware of the consciousness of our beautiful planet and her soul’s voice.

In my desire to learn more about Gaia, it brought me around the world on what I can only call divine appointments. Hearing my soul cry as I almost passed the threshold of death, bringing hundreds of women to Bali for a sacred ceremony, co-creating a sacred healing experience with hundreds of people and the local indigenous communities in Arizona, opening a stargate in the Egyptian Pyramids on Christmas, and many more life initiations. 

This book spans over a decade of my life, and is a healing with past pain, an ode to heartbreaks and endings, a testament to the power of love (in all of it’s varying forms), and a love letter to the great spirit of our Lover Earth, who desires romance, love and affection from us. Let this transmission be a medicine that re-ignites ecstatic hope and inspiration, a temple to pray at the altar of your happiness, and a means of living in a more authentic relationship with the intelligence of love.  It’s an erotic renaissance, a transmission speaking to the wild and beautiful spirit of the feminine. An opportunity to awaken our great Eros for this place we call home. 

xoxo Phoenix Amara

In Ascension of Gaia you will: 

Become empowered to consciously work with and amplify your vibrational energy through balancing fundamental emotional frequencies, and in doing so return to a more nourished and loving relationship with Gaia and your soul’s power.

Explore the macro and microcosmic connection between humanity’s DNA and genetic legacy through conscious DNA repair, the initiation of your 12-Strand DNA template, and awakening of latent psychic potential.

Alchemize your divine dualities into one unified being through ancient inner alchemical practices that unify your inner energies into harmonized communion — embracing your wholeness. 

Discover ways of healing your relationship to universal life force energy through harnessing the insurmountable power of your sexuality with the help of personal stories and Temple Arts practices for repairing the connection to your sacred sexuality.

 Embrace your divinity in following your heart’s intuition and uncover your sacred purpose in this time with Ascension of Gaia.

Designing your New Earth


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The Quantum Erotic Evolution of Planet Earth’s Consciousness

Ascension of Gaia

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